Could Your IT Department Be More Streamlined?

Many companies take on extra staff when business is good, ensuring they have enough people on board to cope with all the tasks that need to be done. But ‘enough people’ does not always correspond to ‘the right number of people’. Moreover it’s easy for job roles to become blurred, creating an overspill of talent in one area and a shortfall in another.

It’s particularly important for the IT department to be well organised, as so many other areas of a business rely on that department to keep the computer system running at peak performance on a day to day basis. This is why streamlining your IT department is vital to ensure that the right people are always in the right place at the right time.

The first step in the streamlining process is to identify the strengths of the people in the team. Are some people wasted in their job roles? Do others do too little? Finding out what each person does can also highlight any areas of potential weakness which could be exploited if the IT infrastructure were to run into any major problems at any point.

Some companies are reluctant to alter or lose any particular job roles, but sometimes it’s necessary to ensure maximum productivity and make the department more streamlined. After all it has a responsibility to keep the IT infrastructure operating at peak performance, and if the current state of the department is putting that in jeopardy then it’s obvious that certain changes will need to be made.

It does happen that some companies employ too many IT specialists during peaks in trading, and then find they are left with too many at other times of the year when it tends to be quieter by nature. A good solution to streamlining the department in this case would be to keep a skeleton staff at all times, and outsource to an external company to provide the extra assistance needed during busier times. This would ensure the company still has enough workers to make sure the IT infrastructure can cope during the peaks in business.

Every business will have different ideas and needs for streamlining their IT department. But whatever those needs are, it’s important they are met in the most cost effective way possible.


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